When you watch the news, the stories and visuals can break your heart. It is overwhelming to think of the help people around the world need. How can one person make a difference?

The F.L.O.R. Project is a wonderful place to start. A ministry of GreenTree Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, it is designed to give people a way to live their faith in the world – fighting poverty, empowering people and sharing the Gospel. Sharing our faith is an important part of the Christian walk. Christ told us to go out into the world and make disciples. The F.L.O.R. Project is a practical way of changing a life, helping a town, making a difference.

Throughout his life, Jesus met practical needs of those who became followers. Likewise, The F.L.O.R. Project begins with helping in practical ways, starting with micro-loans for those who want to start or expand a small business to better meet the physical needs of their families and employees. These relationships then allow us to share the Gospel with them so that they may be touched by God’s love.

The F.L.O.R. Project is based upon four principles:


The F.L.O.R. Project is designed to challenge local churches around the world to step up and reach out to their neighbors, and to help their members grow in their ability to share Christ.


The F.L.O.R. Project gives people of the church a chance to show the love of God in a practical and meaningful way to those in need in their community.


The F.L.O.R. Project is designed to create opportunity by providing micro-loans for people who want to start or expand a business, which will then supply the physical needs for their families.


The F.L.O.R. Project is designed to teach people to live responsible lives before God and to fulfill the church’s responsibility to share our faith.

The first way to make a difference is to make a donation.  Funds donated will be used to help people in two ways:

  • Funds used to purchase material for assisting churches around the world to share the Gospel and assist their neighbors.
  • Funds used for micro-loans, administered through these local churches.

The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me,
practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you.
Philippians 4:9

Change a life, help a town, make a difference, share the Word.
It all starts with you.

Starting today.