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Your donation will help us spread the gospel, help towns to grow so the residents can better support themselves, teach people to live responsibly and demonstrate God’s love for them. Our ultimate goal is to spread the gospel; our secondary goal is to battle poverty. You can help with your donation.

The F.L.O.R. Project is a ministry of Greentree Baptist Church, a church with a goal of reaching outside our four walls in a way that impacts lives and helps people around the world to know the love of God.

The first way to make a difference is to make a donation to The F.L.O.R. Project. Funds donated will be used to help people in two ways:

  • Funds used to purchase material for assisting churches around the world to share the Gospel and assist their neighbors.
  • Funds used for micro-loans, administered through these local churches.

Fighting poverty and winning souls with Faith, Love, Opportunity and Responsibility! There are so many areas of the world that need our help. You can help change a life by giving today. Whether a monthly commitment or a single donation of any amount, you are making a difference – we are so grateful for your generosity.

We depend on God to motivate many to give a little to accomplish a lot!

Thank you for your monthly contribution!

Change a life, help a town, make a difference, share the Word.
It all starts with you.

Starting today.